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Vaccination offers for students

For everyone over 16 years of age, there is now the possibility to get vaccinated against COVID-19 quickly. This also applies to people who do not live in the city of Nuremberg, but are only staying here for the moment. Vaccinations at the vaccination center are now also possible without an appointment. Depending on the workload, you may have to wait a little.

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Winter semester 2021/2022: Campus life again at last

WiSo sees good reasons to enter the new semester with great optimism. Against this backdrop, FAU WiSo is planning to largely return to face-to-face teaching for the winter semester 2021/2022, on-site at the Nuremberg City Campus, not on the Internet. This is because teaching, learning and research need direct exchange, personal encounters between students, and contact with lecturers.


Exam period at WiSo begins

At FAU, the approved and proven hygiene concept continues to apply, which, in addition to other components such as hand washing, ventilation, and contact tracking, basically stipulates that masks must…

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Review: succesful exam phase of the winter semester

More than 10 days ago, the last WiSo exams took place at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in strict compliance with the hygiene guidance. The hygiene guidance was specified through extensive organizational measures, e.g. regulations on entry and exit, definition of responsibilities, higher personnel deployment, detailed schedules and training of the examination supervisors.