Exam period at WiSo begins

At FAU, the approved and proven hygiene concept continues to apply, which, in addition to other components such as hand washing, ventilation, and contact tracking, basically stipulates that masks must be worn throughout examinations and that a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be maintained. Students are explicitly required to maintain the distance before and after the examination. FFP2 masks are compulsory in the building until you take your seat. The FFP2 mask can be exchanged for a medical mask during examinations at the seat.

Examinations at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center

Major examinations will also be held in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in the summer semester, in strict compliance with the hygiene concept. The hygiene concept was made more precise through extensive organizational measures, e.g. regulations on entry and exit, definition of responsibilities, a higher deployment of personnel, detailed schedules and training of the examination supervisors.

Contact tracking

FAU has coordinated a process with health departments to follow up on potential infection cases. Digital contact tracking has been installed in all exam rooms. All participants are recorded via darfichrein.de with their seat location. Alternatively, analog contact data capture is also possible.

WiSo wishes all students the best of luck on their upcoming exams. Rest assured that all those responsible for face-to-face exams are committed to the highest level of security to minimize the risk of contracting COVID19.

Further information on the hygiene concept can be found here and on the FAU website.