The bachelor’s program including the bachelor’s thesis has already been completed and with it, presumably, the first obstacles in the preparation of scientific papers. In addition, the proportion of term papers and practice-oriented seminars in the master’s program is often significantly greater than in the bachelor’s program.

It’s something that comes up sooner or later for each of us – the bachelor’s thesis. As a rule, this is written at the end of the bachelor’s program, i.e. in the sixth semester. However, the actual work begins much earlier. When choosing a suitable chair to supervise it and also when choosing a topic.

"Cleaning, decluttering, cooking - at the moment I'd rather do anything but prepare for the exam." Do statements like this sound familiar? Then you need a motivational push! We're going to give you some ideas on how to get started with studying. That's what motivation means: the motives that lead to action.

Taking notes? In times when lecture slides, scripts, screencasts are conveniently available for download? What may seem needless at first glance turns out to be helpful for exam preparation. Taking…