Hygiene information for students

First things first: Individuals with Covid-19 and suspected cases

Students may not enter the university premises if they

  1. have been in contact with a person who has a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last fourteen days
  2. show symptoms that could indicate a Covid-19 infection, including all respiratory problems irrespective of severity, unspecific general symptoms and a loss of taste or smell.
  3. are required to quarantine at home for 14 days in accordance with the currently valid Immigration Quarantine Regulations (EQV).

In the case of no. 2 and no. 3, these restrictions will not apply to students who can show the university an official medical certificate in German or English confirming that there is no evidence of an infection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Students must carry this certificate with them at all times when attending classes on campus and show it to the relevant lecturer. The medical certificate must be based on a molecular biological test for detecting infection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which has been carried out in a member state of the European Union or in another state that the RKI has included in a list of states with a sufficient quality standard for this purpose, and which has been carried out no more than 48 hours before presentation to the university. Please note that an antibody test is not sufficient.

We would ask students who have tested positive for the coronavirus after taking part in an examination or face-to-face class to inform the person in charge of the examination or teaching session. This person will then forward the information to the Examinations Office or Occupational Safety. Alternatively, you can let us know that you have tested positive for Covid-19 by sending an email to:

This means that even if the local health authorities are swamped with enquiries, we at FAU will be able to use the contact details available to us to trace and inform anyone who might have been near you in an enclosed area for any amount of time, and let them know that they may potentially have contracted the virus.

A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be observed at all times in all WiSo buildings as well as in exhibition Nuremberg. Masks must be worn at all times as well.

Masks must be worn at all times in communal areas and access routes. Please stick to the rules and wear your mask properly. If you do not wear a mask, you can be asked to leave the building.
Please also observe coughing and sneezing etiquette (only cough and sneeze into your elbow).

All sanitary facilities are open and should be used to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. As it is not always possible to keep your distance in the sanitary facilities, we would ask you to wear a mask. If the facilities in the foyer are very busy, please use the others which are available in the building, even if this means walking a little further or going up some stairs. In addition to using the sanitary facilities available on site, we would also recommend that you bring your own hand sanitiser.

Masks must be worn during all examinations. Social distancing and general hygiene regulations must be observed.

You are required to wear at the very least a surgical mask. Alternatively, you can choose to wear an FFP2 mask if you prefer.

Masks are available free of charge for students in need. In Erlangen, thanks to a donation from the company Engel & Völkers, masks (FFP2 equivalent as well as three-layer surgical masks) can be distributed to students since 25.01.2021. For the other locations, the Studentenwerk will assume the costs and provide FFP2 masks. The masks will be distributed while stocks last and are aimed at BAföG-funded students or recipients of bridging assistance from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. For more information on the distribution, please visit Please note that FAU does not have the option of giving masks to students free of charge as a matter of principle.

The School of Business, Economics and Society has decided to introduce a walkway concept for the buildings as well as for Nuremberg Exhibition Centre to ensure that sufficient distance can be maintained.

The busy staircase 1 leading to the library is only to be used to go upstairs. As an exit from the library, please use the neighboring staircase 5 to go down. The remaining stairs and staircases can be used in both directions. Please keep to the right when walking in all foyers, hallways, stairs and staircases.

Lifts may only be used by one person at a time.

Only two persons at a time are allowed in the room for snack and drink vending machines. Please make sure to keep the minimum distance when waiting outside.

The large lecture halls H4, H5 and H6 and seminar room 0.424 have separate entrances and exits. Please enter H4 from the foyer and leave it from the lower level.

The entrances and exits to the building are signposted. Two entrances are in the courtyard, the exits lead out via the new building and the entrance at Hirschelgasse. You can use the entrances in both directions when going towards or coming from Hirschelgasse.

For access to hall 12 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, the West Entrance is available. Please register via the counter team on site. Depending on your seat number, you will be informed of the corresponding hall entrance. You will find more detailed information on how to get to the exhibition centre under the tab “How to get to examinations at the exhibition centre”.

IMPORTANT: In the event of an emergency, all staircases and exits can be used as an escape route in all directions and at all times!

Please note the opening hours of the Lange Gasse and Findelgasse locations:

Lange Gasse (library from 8 am)
Mon – Fr:      7:00 – 20:00

Mon – Sun:     7:00 – 21:00
NEW: Access to the Findelgasse is only possible for all students and employees with the FAU-Card.

The benches in the foyer in the old and new buildings and in the Findelgasse can be used for a short period of time, provided you wear a mask. Unfortunately, the individual self-study areas will need to remain closed, as we cannot ventilate them well enough.

As a general rule, you should avoid forming groups, and the 1.5 metre distance must be maintained at all times.

Please note that security guards and student assistants will carry out spot checks to ensure that all hygiene requirements are being observed. They will have the right to ask any students who fail or refuse to comply with the hygiene requirements to leave the building. All other members of staff at WiSo are also entitled to refuse access to the building.

These regulations also apply to the exhibition grounds during the examinations. Avoid forming groups, keep your distance, take your seats early and follow the instructions of the staff on site.

You are also advised to take personal responsibility for self-protection when arriving/departing, e.g. follow AHA rules.

Due to current Corona restrictions, the learning places offered by the library, CIP pools and learning spaces at the department (Lange Gasse and Findelgasse) are closed.

FAU has coordinated a process with health departments to follow up on potential infection cases. Digital contact tracking has been installed in all exam rooms. All participants are recorded via with their seat location. Alternatively, analog contact data capture is also possible. If an examinee is subsequently found to be a positive Corona case, those persons who were within a radius of 3 m of this person are informed by FAU. These persons are not allowed to take part in the examination in presence on 14 subsequent days. This means that not all participants of an exam have to be quarantined, but a targeted follow-up is possible.

To register: scan the QR code on your seat, conscientiously enter the correct contact details and select a PIN. The check-in will then take place. Keep the green check-in window ready to show it to the personnel. uses secure asymmetric encryption based on the 2 key principle. Your contact details are saved in Germany in the certified data centre of the Institute for Local Authority Data Pro-cessing in Bavaria (Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung in Bayern, AKDB). Your con-tact details are deleted upon expiry of the 4 week statutory retention period.

Lecturers or examiners are not entitled to view your data, even upon request. The data is only decrypted upon request by the local health authorities.

If you belong to an at-risk group, you must provide a medical certificate proving that this is the case. The medical certificate is only required to confirm that you belong to an at-risk group. It does not need to include a diagnosis and/or description of symptoms. The medical certificate must be shown but not submitted to the examiner.

Please inform the examiner well in advance if the fact that you belong to an at-risk group means that you have special requirements for the examination (e.g. a particular place in the examination room) in order to ensure that the necessary measures can be put in place. Special examination conditions cannot be guaranteed if the examiner is not informed in good time.

Pregnant women are currently prohibited from entering FAU premises, which means they are unable to take on-campus examinations. Please contact the relevant examiner directly if you would like to take an examination despite this fact. The examiner will check if you can take an alternative equivalent examination, such as a written assignment instead of a written examination. You do not have to inform the Examinations Office of this change of examination format.

All rooms to be used for teaching have been checked and limits agreed on capacity to ensure that the minimum distance can be observed at all times. A ventilation concept has been drawn up for each room.

Nuremberg Exhibition Centre has very powerful ventilation systems that only supply fresh air from outside to the halls. In principle, these systems are far more powerful than required for use at examination time. In addition, operating technicians are on site every day to check the functionality of the ventilation system.

The University Library is open at WiSo with Click&Collect services Mon – Fri from 08:00 – 20:00.

You can find more information on the library’s website.

The cafeteria is currently closed. You can find more information under Werkswelt.

Please visit the RRZE pages for information on opening and using the CIP pools.

Examinations can be held provided the hygiene guidelines are observed, in particular by keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between all individuals (further information).

  1. Students showing symptoms that could indicate a Covid-19 infection (e.g. respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, cough or shortness of breath; unspecific general symptoms such as fever, headache or aching limbs or a loss of taste or smell) or students who have tested positive for Covid-19 are not permitted to take examinations.
  2. Asymptomatic students who have had contact to an individual diagnosed with Covid-19 are also not permitted to take examinations if the date of contact and the date of the examination are less than 14 days apart. This does not apply to students who are working (part-time) in healthcare.
  3. Contact restrictions end automatically (if no symptoms have developed) after 14 days or once the student submits a negative PCR test result. A PCR test only makes sense at the earliest 7 days after contact to the infected person (provided no symptoms have developed in the meantime). Students with a negative test result are permitted to take the examination from this point onwards.

As a general rule, students are required to self-monitor the absence of symptoms on the day of the examination.

Exams at WiSo
Please observe the general hygiene measures of the department and the instructions of the examiners.

Exams at Exhibition Nuremberg
In the period from 15.02. – 12.03.2021, examinations will take place in hall 12 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

Students who belong to a risk group are obliged to report to the person responsible for the examination with a certificate before the examination. Alternative rooms are available.Examinees are informed in advance that taking part in examinations is a valid reason to violate any curfew, but not a reason to break off domestic isolation.

All students taking examinations on the exhibition grounds will receive the seat numbers for the respective examination in advance. Together with the student ID card, this must be shown to the security staff when entering the grounds. The entrances will be opened one hour before the exams begin.

Please be assured that all responsible persons are committed to the highest level of security during presence examinations in order to keep the risk of infection with COVID19 as low as possible.

There are various options for students to get to the exhibition:

By car, the south parking deck can be used free of charge.

By public transport, the eshibition grounds can be reached via the station “Messe”.

Arriving by bicycle is also possible. For this purpose, sufficient parking facilities (“bicycle parking spaces”) are available in front of Hall 12.

The entrances will be opened one hour before the examinations begin in order to avoid backlogs and to disperse the crowds. Therefore, please arrive early and make use of the early opening time of the examination rooms. Please find your seats early and do not form groups in front of or inside the hall.
The hall itself has several entrances. Depending on the seat number, you should go to the appropriate entrance. This is signposted on site.

When arriving/departing, take personal responsibility for your own safety, e.g. observe the AHA rules. Of the various arrival options, use the one that suits your safety needs.

The option for a ‘free go’ ended at the end of summer semester 2020. It was intended to soften the impact of the initial crisis at the start of the pandemic. The pandemic has lasted for a year or so now and we are all familiar with the situation. A ‘free go’ rule is no longer permitted in terms of examination legislation and is not feasible in terms of the vast resources that would be needed in organising additional examinations. However, the option of withdrawing from the examination up until the day of the examination or on the day itself by not attending still remains, please refer to Section 5 (2) (1) of the Coronavirus Regulations. Nevertheless, we request that you withdraw from examinations in mein campus in good time for reasons of efficiency and to improve the planning of examinations.

The current Coronavirus Regulations state that it is no longer possible to withdraw from an examination once it has started. If you feel that your performance will be impaired or to avoid failing the examination, your only option is to not attend the examination. You can withdraw up until the examination starts – simply not attending is enough. Nevertheless, we request that you withdraw from examinations in mein campus in good time for reasons of efficiency and to improve the planning of examinations.

Everyone, students and staff alike, are responsible for ensuring compliance with the hygiene concept at the School of Business, Economics and Society.

Your contacts at the School:

Karl Wilbers

Studiendekan des Fachbereichs Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Iris Dieterich

stv. Geschäftsführerin und stv. Leiterin der Fachbereichsverwaltung; Referentin der FB-Leitung

Lecturers can find the binding security and hygiene concept of the School at StudOn under:

Angebote/2. RW/2.2 Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften/Gremien, Entwicklung und Qualität/Corona-Infos.

Please also observe the general hygiene guidance for FAU available at

Specifically for examinations, please refer to the FAU guidelines at