Winter semester 2021/2022: Campus life again at last

Teaching at WiSo in the winter semester 2021/2022

There is a good chance that more than two thirds of the population in Germany will be fully vaccinated by October. This development also opens up new opportunities for university operations at FAU and especially at FAU WiSo in Nuremberg. WiSo sees good reasons to enter the new semester with great optimism. Against this backdrop, FAU WiSo plans to largely return to face-to-face teaching for the winter semester 2021/2022, on-site at the Nuremberg City Campus, not on the Internet. Because teaching, learning and research need direct exchange, the personal encounter of students, the contact with teachers. Therefore, a so-called “presence turbo” is planned – FAU WiSo will hold all events in presence as long as it is possible and the corresponding regulations allow it (only for international students there will be a suitable digital offer). Should there be phases in the current semester in which attendance is not permitted or only possible to a limited extent, we will of course provide the teaching formats required in that case. Because you deserve more: namely, the best possible teaching that helps you to develop your full potential.

Thus, face-to-face teaching will once again be the norm. In addition, WiSo will use the experience gained in digital teaching over the past three semesters with a great deal of commitment from teachers and students and develop it further to complement classroom teaching. Accordingly, proven digital elements will continue to be used as a supplement to face-to-face teaching – but there should not and will not be a complete digital offering for the German-language degree programs.

In this context, FAU and WiSo would also like to appeal to all students who have not yet been vaccinated to take advantage of the services offered by the vaccination centers. Especially since it can be assumed that in the coming semester 3G (i.e. vaccinated, recovered or tested) will be mandatory. In this context, WiSo would also like to find out the current vaccination status of its students (anonymously, of course), attached is the link to a short survey about this:

Please also note that there is also a vaccination center in the NürnbergMesse, where currently the exams take place. The fair has offered that FAU students can get vaccinated without an appointment (!) and without a Nuremberg registration address (!) directly in the vaccination center, i.e. in the adjacent hall, after the exam. FAu WiSo would be very pleased if you actively accept this offer. In addition, FAU will of course also try to make other vaccination offers.

With this mail, WiSo would like to send an early signal to its students. You can now plan again with presence. If necessary, you can start looking for accommodation.

FAU WiSo is very much looking forward to seeing you again in the winter semester!
Until then, we wish you lots of success in the upcoming exam period and a great semester break!