Welcome to the virtual summer semester 2021

The lecture period has begun and WiSo welcomes its students in the third digital semester #WiSoVirtuell. In addition, of course, the newly enrolled students in the 1st master semester. We wish everyone a good start into the virtual semester 2021!

The summer semester 2021 is again an extraordinary semester. A semester that takes place in the area of tension between social responsibility, existing distance and hygiene measures and the demand for professional study conditions. At WiSo Nuremberg, too, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to influence studies and teaching: You can always find the latest news on WiSo’s digitization activities at www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu. You can view the department’s hygiene information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic at www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu/health-guidelines/. FAU’s general regulations can be found at www.fau.de/corona/hygiene. You can also always write to corona-informationen@fau.de with questions about handling Corona

Attached is a summary of important links for you. In this context, please also note that WiSo Nuremberg additionally provides important and interesting topics for you on its website and the digital studies website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on its own WiSo blog. All important dates of WiSo can also be found in the calendar. You can also subscribe to this directly as an RSS feed.

WiSo wishes all students a good start into the summer semester 2021 in Nuremberg!