Summer Semester 2021 – Digital Start in the First Week of Lectures

The WiSo-Virtuellplus concept is planned at the faculty for the summer semester 2021. It aims to ensure that selected courses can be enriched with presence elements in parallel to digital content, which can be attended on a voluntary basis. By digitalizing all compulsory modules, the faculty is able to guarantee that it remains possible to study all study programs. In addition to digital offerings, the electives will be structured in a way that, next to digital offers, parts of lectures or whole lectures can take place on campus.

Currently, the 12th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance has been extended up to and including April 18, 2021. The Ordinance stipulates that no face-to-face teaching takes place at universities. Since the semester starts on April 12, this means that no on-site teaching elements (not even as additional offerings) will be possible during the first week of lectures. The summer semester will therefore start digitally. It is unclear how things will continue after April 19.

In the information system UnivIS at, you will find information on all modules regarding their format (online, on-site, or hybrid) and details on date, time, and teaching form. Additional information on the digital semesters can also be found at