Learning at the WiSo

The partial lockdown decided for November is now halfway through. While we have to accept and cope with all the restrictions, we would like to point out that we can provide learning rooms for students without the possibility of studying at home or bridging attendance appointments at the university.

In addition to the LG 0.143 in Lange Gasse with ten learning places, the learning islands LG 1.115-1 to 3 with one place each and about 150 places in the library are available for learning, research and work.

In Findelgasse, rooms FG U1.038 (2 places) and FG U1.039 to 41 (3 places each) can be used, taking into account the window ventilation.

At https://www.fau.de/corona/lernraeume/ you can get an overview of all open learning rooms and CIP pools at FAU.

Please note:

If you have used one or more of these places and are tested positive on Covid19 a short time later, please report this to zuv-sgas-covid-nachverfolgung@fau.de when registering via Darfichrein.de or to corona-recherche@fau.de when using the library places. This is the only way to ensure a fast and efficient contact tracing.