Module handbooks in the virtual summer term

The module handbooks changed due to the virtual summer semester are published today on the WiSo website. FAU has published a statute regarding deviations from study regulations, examinations, doctoral and habilitation study regulations due to the Corona virus SARS-CoV-2:

Based on this statute, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Examination method unchanged
    The method of examination remains as originally intended, e.g. an exam. In these cases, module descriptions remain unchanged.
  • Singular change of examination method in summer term
    Changes in the method of examination are possible in case the originally planned method of examination is not realizable due to the Corona virus. These changes are listed in the module descriptions that are marked in orange color in the index. The original method of examination is crossed out in these cases; the new method of examination is listed in orange font color.
  • Anchoring alternative examination methods and deciding later
    The statute allows for another option. Two alternative methods of examination can be determined. The decision for one method will be made by the module responsible and must be communicated to the students at least four weeks prior to the examination. In these cases, the original method of examination remains in place, the alternative method is stated below, in orange font color. Four weeks prior to the examination, the module responsible will communicate the final method of examination. Kindly note that you must register for the original method of examination in either case. A potential change in examination methods can only be implemented after exam registration on MeinCampus. In this case, you will be registered for the alternative method of examination automatically.

Remark regarding “digital examinations”

Kindly note that examinations may also take place in digital form, such as oral exams via Zoom. If this is the case, the module responsible will make you aware of this method in due course.