WiSo made it possible

The virtual summer semester 2020 is approaching with great strides. In each of the bachelor and master courses, the intended number of ECTS points can be earned. For every WiSo course scheduled for the summer semester, a course on StudOn can be found. Since the beginning of April 2020 it is noted, which courses will take place in the summer semester and which aren’t offered. If you haven’t already joined the StudOn courses, which are relevant for you, please do so urgently. There you’ll find further information, e.g. on how to conduct to the courses. More information on StudOn.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are not able to take the intended number of modules due to a special individual designed study plan or if you experience other problems. We will try to solve problems with clear responsibilities. There is a well working quality management in place, which has a broad background of experience. We are now using this to shape the digital change.
If you notice a problem, please contact us immediately. In order to solve problems where they arise, please first contact the person, who is responsible for the concerning module. In the next step, please contact the relevant subject advisors and the program coordinators of your degree program.