Top research and teaching of international renown, a strong practical focus, outstanding networks with the business world and consistent quality assurance are the success factors of the School of Business, Economics and Society. The School’s continually expanding global network in research and teaching is of great benefit to students and researchers.
The global network that has continued to expand throughout the School’s history plays a key role in the development of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. In this network, the School works closely with businesses, the public sector, and other parts of the University. Top research is a mission with a long tradition for the School of Business, Economics and Society.

Today, the School of Business, Economics and Society is one of the most reputable institutions of its kind with over 6000 students and 35 chairs, a worldwide network of connections and one of the broadest range of subjects in the German-speaking world.

Founded as a college with a strong practical focus, the School continues to be a university think-tank and a sought-after local partner in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Global networks

Global networks

Be it Europe, Asia, America or Africa — the School of Business and Economics is connected to the world. With over 120 partner universities in around 40 countries, it is part of a vast international network.

Collaborations with top universities from all over the globe allow our researchers’ work to transcend the boundaries of subjects and countries. This network gives the School’s students the opportunity to spend a part of their studies at a partner university abroad and to become familiar with other cultures.

Local connections

Local connections

As an academic partner in the region, the School has close institutional and individual ties with partners in industry. Collaborations with regional and national companies from all lines of business allow a direct transfer of research results.

These collaborations also improve the conditions for research and studying. For example, support from four insurance companies based in Northern Bavaria – HUK-COBURG Versicherungsgruppe, NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe, ERGO Direkt and uniVersa-Versicherungen – enabled the Chair of Insurance Marketing to be established. Companies such as GfK and TeamBank have helped to modernize facilities by sponsoring lecture theaters. Business plan seminars, case scenarios, expert lectures, project seminars, excursions, management simulations and financial report studies take center stage in lessons crafted in line with actual business practices.

The School’s mentoring program allows outstanding students to gain additional practical experience. Over a period of 12 months, business people from nationally and internationally operating companies take selected students under their wings, providing them with not only a front row view into a myriad of industrial fields, but also access to important contacts in the industry.

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