WiSo-Virtuell becomes WiSo-Virtuellplus

Since the end of the pandemic is not yet forecastable, the faculty is adjusting the organization of lectures. This is why the concept WiSo-Virtuell, which was developed as an answer to the corona crisis, has now been expanded to the concept WiSo-Virtuellplus.

By digitalizing all compulsory modules, the faculty is able to guarantee that it remains possible to study all study programs. Additionally, WiSo would like to accommodate those students who miss being present at the university as much as their lecturers do. Consequently, a selection of lectures will contain on-site teaching elements next to digital contents, which can be attended on a voluntary basis. The electives will be structured in a way that, next to digital offers, parts of lectures or whole lectures can take place on campus. Students may decide whether they would like to make use of the on-site offers or prefer to continue studying digitally depending on their needs and personal situation. All on-site offers are of course subject to the current rate of new infections during the semester.

In the information system UnivIS at www.univis.fau.de, you will find information on all modules regarding their format (online, on-site, or hybrid) and details on date, time, and teaching form. Additional information on the digital semesters can also be found at https://www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu/.

WiSo has already devised an elaborate hygiene and safety protocol in the winter term, which has proved its worth before the beginning of the hard lockdown in December, and now is a vantage point for the summer term. Please observe the general hygiene and safety protocol of FAU at https://www.fau.eu/corona/hygiene-guidelines/ and especially the hygiene and safety protocol of the Facutly for Business, Economics and Society at https://www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu/health-guidelines/.

Face masks that comply at least with surgical mask standards (better: FFP2 certified masks) are now mandatory at all FAU facilities.