#WiSo.Zusammenhalt.Unternehmen: five ECTS for social commitment

#WiSo.Zusammenhalt.Unternehmen: Combining social commitment & professional qualification (5 ECTS)
Would you like to combine social commitment during the corona crisis and enhancement of your skills related to a topic at WiSo? At #WiSo.Zusammenhalt.Unternehmen, you will be working with a partner from civil society, the municipality, or local small and medium sized firms. Simultaneously, you will enhance your professional competence. For example, you could volunteer at Tafel Deutschland e.V. and explore their management structures at the same time. Further examples can be found onwww.wiso-virtuell.de. Interested? Apply to the #WiSo.Zusammenhalt.Unternehmen board until 30.04.2020. We will try to allocate a partner and a task to you. You may also bring your own project partner. We will inform you whether we were able to find a suitable match for you (in case you do not have a partner yet) until 10.05.2020. Further information can be found on StudOn.

At WiSo, we have had a well-functioning quality management for years. We are now employing it in order to shape the digital transformation. If you encounter any problem, support us. In order to resolve problems right where they occur, please contact the respective lecturer first. As a next step, please contact your responsible study program coordinator. An overview can be found on the website.